Image of co-president and chief executive officer David Cheon

Woo K. ‘David’ Cheon

Co-President & CEO

Image of NCI co-president and chief operating officer Will Massey

Will Massey

Co-President & COO

Image of director of estimating Hae Hong

Hae Hong

Vice President & Head of Estimating

Image of the Director of Multifamily Division Rick Wingen

Rick Wingen

Director of Multifamily Division

Image of accountant Janelle Primeau

Janelle Primeau

Accounting Manager

Image of Administrative Account Specialist Danielle Clark

Danielle Clark

Accounting Specialist & Special Projects Manager

Image of purchasing agent Juman Park

Juman Park

Estimator & Purchasing Agent

Caisey Hutto

Office Administrator

Image of residential division director Jay Lee

Jay Lee

Director of Residential Division

Image of project manager Ray D'Aguanno

Ray D’Aguanno

Project Manager, Commercial Roofing Division

Image of senior project manager Randall Williams

Randall Williams

Senior Project Manager

Image of assistant project manager Brandon Kemp

Brandon Kemp

Assistant Project Manager

Image of superintendent Gerald Watkins

Gerald Watkins


Image of warranty manager JC Jeng

JC Jeng

Warranty Manager

Image of warranty manager Tae Kim

Tae Kim

Warranty Manager

Image of multifamily project manager Jonathan Landers

Jonathan Landers

Project Manager, Multifamily Division

Image of Warehouse Manager Seok Lee

Seok Lee

Warehouse Manager

Tyler Wingen 


Image of storm team project manager Hunter Scott

Hunter Scott

Project Manager, Storm Damage Division

Elizabeth McKinney

Business Development Manager

Jeff Speck

Director of Storm Damage Division

Chris Chmiel

Project Manager, Storm Damage Division

Daniel Vaughn

Project Manager, Storm Damage Division

Matt Russell

Project Manager, Storm Damage Division

Carlos Ray

Project Manager, Storm Damage Division

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